Windows Gui Blank! Not Working! 0.14.2 · Issue #10709 · Bitcoin

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10 Dec 2016.

Because of some hardware power problem recently in my region I have not always run the code. Like I say, the code is working but the Gui.

4 Feb 2020.

guys who has the problem till now.and who skipped the download using network mirror step, reinstall your kali linux with internet connection.

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31 Aug 2017.

The GUI does not appear on windows if the last position of the window is off.

So any fixes for an off screen issue (#11208) may not fix that problem.

@ achow101: did you use a self-compiled Bitcoin-Qt? Can you reproduce it with the "official" 0.15.0rcs?.

Windows GUI Blank! Not working! 0.14.2 #10709.

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