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As it waits to hear when the lockdown will be lifted Britain looks to those countries where restrictions are being eased.

The coronavirus crisis is continuing to impact the lives of people all over the world. Britons have been urged to keep.

For now, to give us the best chance to run the festival, we have suspended further ticket.

The 2020 Ross Cider Festival Friday September 4th – Sunday September 6th.

A weekend of delicious food, excellent music, wide ranging beer and of course,

In 2018 we had the pleasure of Kate Garthwaite and The Ciderologist.

foreign born - we had pleasureFor almost 10 years we had the pleasure and honour of broadcasting.

On Friday December 21st, it was up to long time friend and RLR resident DJ Vic.

Last weekend Red Light Radio was invited to broadcast in Dublin's Hen's Teets store.

Our 8 th annual Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) Week took place from November 4 – 8 th.

On Thursday, Nov 7 th we had the pleasure of holding an onsite mindfulness session led.

PFCC Week Celebration – Friday, November 8th.

As the question of whether the lockdown notices were lawful continues to fester, Andrew Geddis takes a deep dive into the.

I can’t see a world in which I would choose to travel like that.” But passengers may find things have got even worse than.

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8 Mar 2019.

This week we had a team of students from a variety of year groups take.

On Wednesday evening Ms Kirk had the pleasure of taking 12 girls to.

I have had the pleasure of viewing some outstanding lessons delivered by.

Last two weeks, We were provided review packages and we said no return and no grading.

Friday 28, 2020 – Go Texan Day, Western dress for students and staff .

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All Together Now Festival August Bank Holiday Weekend 2/3/4 2019 music.

We had the pleasure of creating and curating a festival here – a festival which has.

We didn’t hang out that much off the court. He had his.

per week for 10 weeks was discussed before the decision was made.


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