Bitcointalk Yiimp Installation

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03/02/2018  · Tuto : Install Coin (CultDeadCow-CDC) on Yiimp (with Compil Daemon + Start Stratum + Mining + 1 block found) This video just shows the installation of the coin. The configuration of yiimp and coin.

19/03/2019  · Install Crypto Mining Pool – Yiimp (Yaamp Fork) on Fresh Ubuntu 17.10 Server with yiimp_install_scrypt // Installation de Yiimp (Yaamp Fork) sur Ubuntu 17.10 Server avec un scrypt automatique *****WARNING**** NOT TESTED IN PROD !!!!! Be careful with the new Yiimp install scripts. Many of the wallets do not compile on Ubuntu above 16.04. There.

YiiMP updater for when things such as new algos are added to the stratum. NOMP single server. MPOS single server CryptoNote-Nodejs single.

04/10/2018  · YiiMP. YiiMP (Yii Mining Pool) is an open source pool management solution based on Yii PHP framework and it is a fork based on YAAMP source code. Using this software anyone with a minimal knowledge on Linux and PHP can configure a mining pool. Also there are many YiiMP installation scripts which one can use to easily setup a mining pool.

Bitcoin Obsessed Trailer 10 Mar 2018. The poker world has been obsessed with crypto currency, and those two worlds are

However I'm stuck adding the new algorithm after doing the basic-setup of the pool. Does anyone know how I add a new algo to Yiimp? Is there.

The last weeks so many Yiimp based pools poping up everywhere .

Install Crypto Mining Pool – Yiimp (Yaamp Fork) on Ubuntu 16.04 Server

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Linux & Bitcoin Projects for $15 – $25. Need yiimp pool install to ubuntu server please give bid with your sample yiimp site.


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