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Janet Yellen: Someone Held Up A 'Buy Bitcoin' Sign During Testimony To Congress | CNBCChina relations and the upcoming American election no one in foreign exchange is more knowledgeable and interesting than.

13 Dec 2017.

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen called the digital currency bitcoin a “highly speculative asset” that “doesn't constitute legal tender.”

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With interest rates for government debt near zero, or negative, the fixed income asset class has disappeared. The Bitcoin.

It is my privilege now to welcome back Michael Pento president and founder of Pento Portfolio Services. Michael is a.

30 Oct 2018.

Former U.S. Fed chair Janet Yellen, who featured in the well-known 'Buy Bitcoin' Senate committee hearing last year, remains highly critical of.

12 Jul 2017.

Fed Chair Janet Yellen was speaking to the House Financial Services Committee . Bitcoin traded higher Wednesday afternoon.

31 Oct 2018.

She may not be “fan” of bitcoin,” but former Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen now has a small amount of BTC in her possession. On Monday.

13 Dec 2017.

At the accompanying press conference, Fed Chair Janet Yellen was asked about bitcoin. Yellen called the cryptocurrency a "highly speculative.


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